Tomatogoo ~ Currently Inactive!
I just want to let everyone know that this tumblr is inactive :3

Why? I found out as much as I could about menstrual cups and I lost my obsession. Like I would search the tags and they would be only my posts!


Have a look around and if you have any questions ask me HERE at my personal blog,!

Hello everyone!

Just hopped back on to see if I had any messages and I don’t!

Also I made a sale through, so thank you for whoever did that!

I’ll be going back to my personal tumblr now. If you have any questions you can ask me there!

Some important news

First I just want to say sorry to the people who followed and truly to love the information I put out. I am saying sorry because I am no longer going to be a super active blog. I specify “super active” because I will still be here sometimes… Let me just tell you what is happening.

I am only 19 and I am still growing up. My interests are changing and I am still trying to find out who I am. In the latter half of this year I have gone though fairy kei obsession, to menstruation obsession, and now I am getting obsessed with learning about pagan/wiccan/witchy things. I still like fairy kei and would blog about it and I still like menstruation and I would still blog about it, but I am not as motivated to be blogging about it all the time. Especially since I feel I have learned all I can about menstruation and menstrual products.

I will still be here to answer questions about menstrual related topics and I’m not going to unfollow anybody… this tumblr will just become something I check a couple times a week to see if there are any questions I can tend to.

Again I’m really sorry that I am kind of abandoning this tumblr. I feel like since I’ve stopped menstruating I’ve just been drained of my interest of it. Yes… I’m still not menstruating. I hope it comes back soon.

With that being said. I hope I have helped you during my time here :) I’ll be on more “full-time” at so you can come talk to me there if you want.

Thank you everyone for helping me grow :) This has been an important part of my life and I don’t regret making this tumblr at all.


People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow.

My contribution to the Apocalypse talk.

I’m am just so excited to see interviews of the people who actually thought the world was ending today.


Google Wall of Vagina

Its truly fascinating. If you are ever self conscious about your vagina, this will make you feel better

This isn’t a big post or anything, but I was just wondering what bras my followers like :) the one I have is comfortable, but due to my weight the underwire can kind of hurt when I’m sitting down. But then if I have a wireless bra I feel like it makes my boobs flat, lol. Any recommendations?

Hello everyone.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting at all. Health issues in my family is taking up my time and emotional capacity to be happy and not stressed. Let’s hope it gets better soon!

Question of the day = Question of the week!

Since I have been posting the QOTD later and later I’ve decided to, from now one, post on really good question for each week :) They will still be tagged #qotd though so the button in my sidebar still works to check out all the questions :)

So my dogs had chewed my feby bracelet before…

but it was just little nibbles… now look what happened :(


I never even really got to use it since I’ve skipped my last two periods :(